War in Valhalla

War in Valhalla

CHAOTIC KINGDOMS – 24/7 PVP (Trial Server)

Hello All Warriors and Warmongers! We have been waiting and testing since the beginning of Valheim to try and get as close to a 24/7 PvP Server as possible, within the current limitations. With the many new mods that have arrived and continue to be uploaded, we have compiled a list that has our server, as close as currently possible, to being mandatory PvP. Now we need to see exactly how badly this will go the first run. Those who want to help are welcome to join, but expect someone will manage to destroy the server eventually, and that is what we are testing for. Here are the features of our required modlist:

• Anti Cheat
• Forced PvP
• Custom Textures
• Building Damage Modifiers
• Clock Mod
• Craft from Container
• Equipment and Quickslots
• Fire is Hot
• No Workshop Needed to Build
• Improved Build HUD
• Last Used Weapon Hotkey
• Linked Wagons
• More Inventory Slots
• Mouse Roll Input
• Multi Craft
• Quick Deposit
• Show Plant Progress
• Sleep Without Setting Spawnpoint
• Starvation
• Useful Trophies
• Drop That
• Berry Planting
• Use Cores to Speed Up Boat
• Enhanced Encumbrance
• Enhanced Stamina
• 50 Players
• No Password
• Item Recycling
• Automatic Doors

The server Mod is available here

And the Discord at: https://discord.gg/H5rKEHrPnT

Join and help us Test the possibilities of PvP

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