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Tiny updates and some notes to players and server owners.

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Forum profile
- Cover photo, social links and some more settings can be changed only after your first forum post gets approved. Before that, forum account settings will not be visible to you.

Main site

- "Live" support is now available for logged in users. Click over your username (top right).
"Live" means that you will receive an instant reply if I'm not sleeping πŸ™‚
- Server owners should now be able to reply to player reviews, published on their listings.
- Tiny tweet button is now available, so you can share whatever page you are currently browsing.
- Fixed some dark mode issues that the previous tech guy missed.

* Please note that forum profile and main site profile have different settings, but are also linked.
Through the main site profile, you can upload your avatar and if you decide to submit a server, you will use that profile to manage your server and everything related to it.

Note to players.
Please before asking how to join a particular server, read the description of the server, that you are interested in.
Most of the server owners use discord to interview and whitelist players before allowing them to join.
Save your own time and simply join the discord of the server that you find amusing.
Also, you can and you should report invalid discord links.

Note to server owners/administrators.
- Please make sure to double check your discord links. Only add non-expiring links to your server listings.

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