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Reloaded Valheim Seasonal MMO Server

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⭐Reloaded Seasonal⭐

Are you tired of Vanilla?
Do you play through the game a bit too quickly and end up with nothing else to do but to build another longhouse?
In that case, we want to welcome you to Valheim Reloaded Seasonal Server!
We are always looking for new people to join both our discord community and of course, our Valheim Reloaded server where the player experience is in focus!
This season we made it easier for players to join even if they missed the initial release by having an individual progression system.

🔶And this is what you can expect from Reloaded Seasonal 🔶
🔹Quests to make each biome more interesting and explorative
🔹Battlepass both free and Premium
🔹Friendlist and a group system
🔹Biome focused events
🔹Different professions
🔹Custom Biomes and monsters.
🔹New Crafting Stations, Weapons and Armors
🔹A player driven in-game economy with a dedicated marketplace

🔶 And this is what you can expect from our community, server and staff! 🔶
🔹Whitelist access via a quick interview
🔹Easy to install modpack
🔹Ticket system with dedicated moderation/support team
🔹Anti-Cheat to provide a fair gameplay experience
🔹A friendly, helpful community
🔹Servers hosted on enterprise grade hardware in Germany
🔹Server costs are 100% Crowdfunded through our Ko-Fi



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