Allegiant Games

Allegiant Games

Allegiant Games, over 3 years we have hosted servers for Valheim and other games.

We will have 3 servers

Home server – never gets reset, this is for permanent builds

2 new servers for Ashlands – both will have QOL mods

Active discord

Veteran and beginner players

Mature community

Admin support 24/7 – some literally sleep next to their computers

Tribes – join a group to explore and build with or you can solo

There are three different servers running currently that you can play on.

Home Server:

This is a permanent server. This is your home while you play at AG. Build big, expand, decorate, play through the game and build your dreams. Play with a group, play by yourself, do both!! We may sometimes hold events on this server, like Lox Racing or Tetra fishing contest. Progression is set to a per-player setting, which means you won’t get raids or night spawns if you personally have not beaten the boss. ⁠

Adventure Server:

*This server will reset on 11/10/23 and will be a normal play through with default settings. This server resets every 3 months as the point of this server is to just make it though the game and have some amazing Viking adventures.*⁠

Build Server:

This is a permanent creative build server for those that don’t like to have to grind your way through the game to create an awesome build. Everything is free and available for you to build. You could come here to test out some builds ideas that you want to use on the Home or Adventure servers.

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