Arcadia - Valheim village!

Arcadia - Valheim village!

Welcome to Arcadia – longterm Valheim 24/7 Dedicated Server.
We are using high quality, reconfigured mods for balanced & recurring gameplay. There is easy & convenient guide in our discord to install everything with a few clicks.
You will face more difficult creatures, broader build options and various loot opportunities to improve your gear and challenge the dangers in our world. Join Arcadia now and face benefits, like :
– Huge road system with over 20 settlements of active players, convenience farms, portal hubs, mini-game areas and pre-built housings for new players.
– Impressive builds, some of which take few days (real life ones!) to create.
– Rebalanced monster spawn, star, and drop systems. New RNG-based drops to enrich your experience with these little dopamine spikes.
– Quality of life features, like free-fly building camera, ability to revive dead allies, grid planting, or ability to plant your own mushrooms or berries. There are tons of various little tweaks and edits, like no stamina usage on sneak or smelter capacity improvements, which are too minor to list.
– Recurring activities, like daily bounties or treasure hunts to get that precious currency you will need for the trader, which is also upgraded and reeconfigured.
– Automatically refreshing instances like caves, crypts, mines or chambers.
– Various original in-game bug fixes, anti-cheats, abuse & exploit preventions like item dupes, spawning yourself items from other worlds etc.
– A friendly, helpful & active community, all of which combined you get a pretty unique MMO-like experience in a Valheim world.

Join us and travel through adventure together!

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