Askeladd's MMO

Askeladd's MMO

Looking for a challenging but fun way to play Valheim? Do you prefer satisfying progression? Do you prefer a slower chill style of Valheim? Our server might be the thing you never knew you needed.

Here at Askeladd’s MMO server we have set up our server to accommodate an MMO looter style of game-play. Our mod-pack introduces plenty of extra profession-related content + extensions to the Valheim armory to allow for more diverse play-styles.

What makes our server different? We follow an RPG aspect where you will start your journey in one of our starter towns with a small house. What you do from there is up to you, will you become a master cook? Will you be a potion master sailing island to island searching for rare ingredients? Or maybe you’re more of a warrior willing to sell his services for some shiny coins?

Note that we have cranked up the difficulty of the world quite high, it will be hard. You will probably die. But progression will be rewarding and satisfying once you grind through to better enchanted weapons, equipment, food, etc.

• Custom Built Towns/Houses by Admins
• 10 slots (for now), PVE server. PVP elements such as (PVP zones) may be added in the future.
• Whitelisted 18+ members.
• Strictly no griefing or toxicity.
• Friendly, chill, and approachable mods who just want other mature players to play with.
• No base building policy (unless you own the land).
• Rewarding land ownership system. Buy/sell/trade hot real estate with your hard earned gold.
• Server hosted from Australia with daily reset + back-ups.
• Occasional events planned – including weekly ‘Monster Encounters’ + weekly bounties available.
• Server is new, community is new. Come be an Askeladd pioneer.



I have fell in love with Valheim only cuz of this sever . It gives you the best experience of moded valheim for sure ! LOVELY Community and the best admins ever !

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