Church of the Holy Sardini

Church of the Holy Sardini

Prospective follower of the Holy Sardine,

Are you looking for a place to learn, grow, and explore the vast pastures of Valheim alongside other new players?

Church of the Holy Sardini is a casual server hosted by and for new players with a focus on community-building, discovering the map(s), and fighting bosses. Mostly PvE, but with elements of roleplay for the humorous moments.

See the official Discord for the server password.

Up to 25 players
No mods — experience Valheim in its purest form

Three Holy Commandments:
– No cheating
– No griefing/toxic behaviour
– No stealing from others

Welcome home, follower.



Good server. Been playing here with a few others for a month’s time. Not the most active server, but that makes it better imo.
Would recommend.

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