Drash'Garada MMO

Drash'Garada MMO

Establishing a permanent server where there are no wipes is one of my primary goals. I intend to leverage cross server capability to expand adventures beyond. We are about having fun here, and as the server progresses I hope you find a place here as well and can grow with us!

I have been a Dungeon Master for D&D for over 20 years, one of my goals is to write a detailed and involved storyline that players can disappear into! I have over 3,000 audio files, and 100’s of pre-defined NPCs to play around with. Ultimately, all characters will have unique audio for interactions. The marketplace mod by KG truly opens up the potential of Valheim to be even more immersive and intriguing.

– Server Characters.
– Access to the Marketplace from anywhere.
– Biome based general quests. (Done)
– (Coming Soon) a single story line quest.
– (Coming Soon) An expanded cross server world that will continue your adventure. Beyond level 100 Epic MMO Level.
– Enchanting Mod +1 to items enchantments.
– Epic Loot with Material Drops only.
– Epic Loot Runestones can be bought! The goal is for players to enchant their own gear often! I want players to really dive into enchanting and be able to enjoy it right away!
– Epic MMO Mod for leveling!
– Extra ships!
– Dii’Ash Village. Starting village with many quest givers. Future biome and story line quests coming!
– Wards have a longer range and protect against all damage.
– Leylines placed in various places in the world.
– Permanent server. No plans to ever wipe this, but will use cross server portal to provide expanded adventures!
– Lots of Fishing Quests!
– Lots of Farming Quests!

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