DyingHeim PvP Dedicated Valheim Server

– Whitelisted
– 24/7 Mod Team
– Dedicated Rules locked in for progression (very simple, clear, and managed mostly by Server/Mods, not admins)
– Server pre tested, to provide Stability / Minimal Error/ Minimal Server side Lag
– 2 Week progression per phase
– Epic Loot Mod
– Custom Warded Safe Area (create 1 safe area for your base and items)
– Sailing skill – higher skill = more speed.
– Strength, Vitality, Hunting, Gathering, Fitness, Cartography, Taming, Crafting skills added.
– Increased storage
– Faster boats/No portals for much more PVP
– Enhanced Leather gear – can be upgraded up to Black Metal
– 3 Skill classes of gear – Bowman / Beserker / Shield
– 6 Classes In game Valkyrie/ Ranger/ Beserker/ Mage/ Druid/ Shaman (creating 18 Unique Combinations to Customize the way your character plays)
– Enhanced mob difficulty Further out you get (Start off Vanilla – Halfway through map, more Difficult hard to solo – Edge of Seed, UHHH bring a party with Class balance or you Dead)
– 4 Faction system – 2 Main factions – Merchant (Geared towards PvE) – 1 Hardcore Solo Faction



Great community, lots of fun people to be around. I am not the biggest fan of epic loot so I didn’t stick around for long, however if you do like the epic loot mod I suggest trying this server out.


Bad server for pvp, got no working anticheat, people literally edit their files in real time with no punishment. The admin team dont have much clue of what is going on. They seem to have just taking their modpack from other servers and hoped for the best.

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