House of Fenrir

House of Fenrir

– Valheim+ required
– Other mods allowed, except cheating/weight mods
– Viking vs. Saxon PVP
[Titles (Social Classes)]
– Viking: Thrall (Slave), Karl(Freeman/worker), Jarl(Lord/Landowner), Earl (Lord/Cheiftan), Viking King
– Saxon : Thrall (Slave), Peasant (Worker), Ceorl (Freeman/Farmer), Thane (Lord/landowner), Ealderman (Cheif), Anglo-Saxon King
– Know your place (know your social class
– New characters only – starting title is Slave/Thrall
– Follow the laws/rules
– You don’t get everything right away
– Work to get a name for yourself, this is a light roleplay server
– Inviting people to join our server will be noted and you may be given the freeman title.
[Other things to think about]
– Don’t get pissy if the King asks you do something you don’t like – it’s RP
– If you don’t understand how RP works, don’t join with attitude to how you want things to run
– We try to make the server fun for everyone and understand not everyone has fun grinding
– Have fun! If you have questions, join and ask away.
[Current Age]
– Silverage, but everyone starts fresh

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