Kyrios gaming

Kyrios gaming

Server Features Server location: EU
Cross-play enabled
Adult/25+ Community
Difficulty: Hard
World map: On
No portals: Pre-Defined for few PointOfInterests – not player-buildable.
20+ more player slots
Resetting resources every month. Including caves, crypts, and more.

About us

Hello everybody, My name is Jamie, and I am the community leader of Kyrios Gaming. Kyrios Gaming is a Valheim gaming community for players starting at the age of 25 and above. About a year ago, I got myself this amazing game. Being 39 years old, I wanted to experience it slowly, take it all in, and play it with like-minded individuals in my age group. I made a post, then I grabbed a bunch of amazing individuals, and Kyrios Gaming got born. Like I told you before, that was a year ago. We are still around, alive and kicking, and growing very strong. With a dedicated staff team and amazing players from all around the world and three different time zones, we are welcoming players to join our tight-knit community. When we recruited our members, they were done by playing the game alone and seeking brotherhood or sisterhood, so to speak, or comradery. Most of our members are 35 or older. We are easy to hang out with and have a lot of fun playing Valheim and a few other games!

Our members like to build together and value aesthetic building. We like to experience the game slowly, fight and collect resources. We value community effort above everything and take care of each other. While one is farming, the other is cooking. We love being on Discord and chatting, and we have a zero tolerance for drama.
After the first season, we started the second season on the 7th of October, without portals. That means a lot of sailing, a different way of thinking, and much more teamwork! In each biome we visit, we make a community hub, and around the map, we make outposts. We are building a lot of infrastructure. You will see community outposts, roads, signs, and player houses. farms, and much more! Are you still reading? Great! If our community sounds fun to you,

fill out the application below, or if you require more information, shoot me a private message.
(How to send application: add me on steam: or discord: kyrios3084)

Application template:
Discord name
Time zone: EU/US/AU
Xbox player or PC player:
About yourself:
What is your Valheim experience, and how many hours have you spent in the game?
How can you contribute to our community:
How much time can you commit to the game?
Preferred tasks in Valheim (for example, exploring, combat, and building)
Any additional information we should know:

With regards,

Kyrios Gaming

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