Land of Xeros

Land of Xeros

Hello! Looking for a group to play with?

Look no further, no need to ask for servers, here is your chance!

Land Of Xeros
Slightly Modified ValheimPlus Server
Let’s start a strong Valheim community, one person at a time!

In this server, you do what you want! PvE, Roleplay, PvP, you’re in control!

Although, there’s nothing stopping you from doing just the story and not interacting with others.

Create teams with your friends and make a village together, farm bosses to make better spells, weapons and armor, raid your enemies villages in P2P battles, trade, throw parties, and anything else you can imagine.

Looking for players to play with? Group up and log on here!

I have a discord with a google doc that shows the variables I’ve changed, it also lists the mods I have installed on the server, QoL mods, and some bigger mods, such as Magic Overhaul giving the ability to select classes, Betterwards to protect your base when you’re offline, and the ability to have no playercount cap, as many people can play as they want.

The mods I’ve selected brings much more life to the world, and adds a lot more content into this amazing game.

Installing mods is EASY and FAST. Just download the Thunderstore Mod Manager, use the search query to add the mods, then hop in game!

Dedicated server on a 2nd PC. This server will be up for a long time.

Map wiped TODAY. Fresh start, and a Class selection at spawn!

I would like already-made groups to join as well. Abandon your server, come to the Only server you’ll need!

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