PR| Purgatory Regime

PR| Purgatory Regime

This server is a light role playing and PVP server with the ability to go up to 50 players later on. We will be using some quality of life mods and anti cheat to ensure an immerse experience for all players. If you are interested in playing in our server please join our discord and apply to join. Read the rules and server info for more information!



If you enjoy PvP with RP elements this sever is definitely for you. The discord community is very positive and friendly and the Admin are always quick to respond to any issues. The mods are really fun and keep the game fresh and the PvP is very well balanced no one grieves and the spawn and surrounding area disables PVP which is great for new players. Since I joined I have met several new players to the game and we made our own clan. So come and join!


I joined this server a few week backs and would highly recommend this server to anyone, whether you beat the game and now want a different type of experience. Even if this is your first time playing you wont regret it. This is a diverse community of players and everyone is very friendly and willing to help. I died with all my gear half away across the map and the tavern owner/shipmaster sailed me back to get all my gear. Lots of friendly players and no trolls.

Recently the trader received an amazing mod and now he sells all kinds of items and buys all your “junk mats” for gold. Great addition and improves the game dramatically.
So I would definitely recommend this server as it is growing everyday.


I’m an end gamer i was looking for something new, play a lot build to much i did and this group got really good vibes. i joined up a good welcoming party soon as i join up. i play a lot on there sever and they always love the feedback from players. The host and Admins are very help full for the gammers there was a hacker in the server we got the admin and they putting in a anti cheat. I say what things they do for the community is great. They always on point if i played with them for a week and a half met some really nice people good lite roleplay with some ship raiding and base rading .
I say to you gotta join up or your gonna miss out on something special I’m telling you


I have played on this server for 10 days now and we have a phenomenal community already. The admin and server manager are very friendly and active as well please come give us a try!

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