Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising

Fresh 200 Player US PvE Dedicated Valheim Server – Up 24/7

Hello everyone, Smooth Brain Networks is looking for more players for group co-op! We are currently hosting a 200 player Valheim Online Plus server and all who are interested are free to join! 🙂 The only requirement is Valheim Plus Mod & Valheim Online. Which is free!

***After you extract the files into your Valheim folder, you are able to join through the steam serverlist with: or directly in-game through ip: | No Password Required!***

-All characters are saved server side (Prevents cheating and bringing in outside loot)

-Many quality of life updates

-and much more!

We have both a reddit and discord with explanations on how to join the server (Comes with pictures!).


If you’ve been looking for a place to make your home, look no further! DM for more info.

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