Ragnarök RAID PvP + Hard PvE

Ragnarök RAID PvP + Hard PvE Ragnarök RAID PvP + Hard PvE

24/7 | 100% | up to 60 Vikings each server| PvP and PvE servers with a separate roadmaps

Our server is online since Jan 2021, we made a great way and going to sail much further

Standalone client
Characters stored on server
No ridiculous balance-breaking mods
Self-devd clan system and totem system
Ultimate anti-cheat system (self-devd)
Epicloot mode
Living economy and trading
Both PvP and PvE servers can hold up to 60 Vikings online(both are currently with good population)
Limitless fine-tuning and customizations from a great dev and admin team – our Valhalla is something really new
Awesome community
Team of ingame helpers ready to give a hand’o’help to everyone (I’m one of them)
Ingame events from dev team
500+ discord server community with voice chats and bots
Ocean of possibilities on both PvP/PvE server

Ragnarok Asgard is the ONLY PvP Valheim Server with RAID schedule…
The only world you can really ruin your enemy down to ashes!

3 to 4 hours, twice a week our Viking alliances and clans make their steps on a path of war:
We write our Sagas with the blood of our enemies.
We crush the houses, burn the ashes and take our loot on our Drakkars back home.
We ally and make cunning deadly steps.
We drink our victory mead in ruined castles of our enemies!

Come, see the cutting-edge awesomeness of bloody rivers and warfires of Ragnarök

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