Ragnar's Raiders

Ragnar's Raiders

This is a new server with an active admin looking to build a community around the server. I would classify us as a pvp light server — building damage is off while boat and other damage is turned on — more for those wanting to enjoy a bit more of a challenge without the tryhard griefing that some players can resort to. Take a win and move on. Lose and rebuild. It’s the cycle of Valheim.

We are open to further changes and adapting the server as players come on and even long-term wipes though nothing immediate is planned and likely we will have long periods between wipes. Come and check us out!

◉ Valheim Plus
◉ Project Auga (UI)
◉ Valheim Legends
◉ Floating Items
◉ Plant Everything
◉ Epic Loot
◉ Monsternomicon
◉ Balronds Mods

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