The Praetoria PvE server mod pack (see: #easy-install-pve ) is focused on providing a highly challenging playthrough with Hardcore permadeath and new content new mats, gear sets, and bosses for DeepNorth Mistlands Ashlands, while also allowing players to be creative and build with the top rated building mods. the server’s seasons will be 3-6months, allowing everyone plenty of time to grind out all the new content, and enjoy the end game by build some epic bases, helping new comers and crafting Perfect epic gear sets.

**Overview Praetoria PvE’s mod pack**
– Anti-Cheat + Server Side Characters, so everyone’s progress is legit
– Epic Loot only crafting mats drop
– Building mods
– Market Place, players trade items with other players easily
– Monsternomicon adds new monsters to DeepNorth Mistlands Ashlands
– EpicValheimsAdditions adds new mats, gear sets, and new bosses for DeepNorth Mistlands Ashlands
– Permadeath, there will be No tombstone when you die.
– Vanilla monster difficulty with slight buff to density & stars
– Bosses With special effects.
– Static world difficulty, ( fuelings will not spawn everywhere when the last boss is killed etc..)

– No raiding, all buildings and bases without a ward are FFA
– Do not build ontop of a boss location unless you check with the server admin
– No Cheating of any kind will be tolerated
– 18+

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