Skolheim [Hardcore PVE Server]

Skolheim [Hardcore PVE Server]

Skól vikings! (DE/ENG Server)
Tired of playing alone and cutting trough the game like a warm knife trough butter? Well – we are here for you!

Our Server Skólheim offers modded gameplay with hardcore PvE content (Dark Souls Valheim) with additional PvP aspects!

about server:

– small community of moderated players/friend groups (~25 players allowed currently)
– community is active (we play every day)
– gentlemen agreements are working here + Server Sided characters
– Server is played in seasons (2-3 months before wipe)

additional content:

– adjusted “Epic Loot” –> it is tested by the community and makes the game not too easy but gives improvements
– more weapons & armor
– additional boats
– additonal Skills (building/swimming/etc)
– additional building pieces for bigger bases
– additional items that are comforting you (Hearthstone to port back to bed)
– Dual Wielding of weapons

PvE Changes:

– way harder mobs (more life and more damage)
– Boss Monsters have new abilities and are even harder
– world is more filled with stuff
– caves/crypts/etc. are respawning with loot and enemies in certain intervals
– world get’s more difficult the further you explore it (start is “easy” no worries!)

PvP changes:

– tamed animals attack intruders
– no PvP Death loss
– Raid protection if all signed players to a ward are offline (at least 1 player per ward needs to be online to get raided)


We are happy to welcome you on our server! 🙂

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