SMG Valheim Season 2

SMG Valheim Season 2

Max 50 Player MY PvE Dedicated Valheim Server – Up 24/7

Hi Welcome to SMG Valheim from Malaysia .Based Server Location in Singapore.

The Features Mod Used.

1.ServerSideCharacters : When a client connects to the server, the server will look and see if it has an existing character file stored for this player. If it does not it will then create a brand new character file for the client. It will then send the character file to the client and ask periodically for updates about that character. If the user leaves the server the character file on the server will be updated, however, the clients character on the client will not.

2.Valheim Plus : Modify Player, Map System , Gathering , Wagon , Fire And Light Sources , Game Difficulty , Inventory , Items , Crafting And
Production , Creatures And Monsters , Building Adjustment & Building Modes.

3.Valheim Recycle : Disassemble crafted or upgraded items to get the base materials back via a new Recycle tab available at the Workbench/Forge in the crafting UI.

4.Trash Items : This mod adds a trash can to your inventory screen where you can drag and drop your unneeded items to destroy them permanently.

5.Equipment and Quick Slots : Give equipped items their own dedicated inventory slots, plus three more hotkey quick slots.

6.Quick Connect : Easy for player auto login to the server without fill the IP Address , Port and Password.

Event : PVP Arena , Racing Sailing , The Most Top Beautiful Builder.
Backup : Everyday
Restart : Midnight



Best server ever, Host is handsome and kind, single some more. everyone welcome to flirt.

after a month playing on this server,this is the best server i join.


the best server.
honest players.
very helpfull players and admin.
Event weekend with prices.
and many more..


Just come and play no need to check the review if you want to know this server nice or what.. but i already play so i give 4star, i give
honest answer, this server is no toxic player and friendly, nice and helping each other… so try it ur self what inside the server just come and play


very friendly server,the players are nice and helpful, 24/7 there are moderators to assist you,a must join server if you are new to the game


Server terbaik and sangat active. Jom ramai ramai join kasi meriah

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