The Ragnarok Cycle

The Ragnarok Cycle

The Ragnarok Cycle is a 3 month cycle for each world we play in. At the start of a cycle, a random seed is generated, and we begin at the stone age. We’ll move through each age as a group, until we reach the end, or Ragnarok, where we create a new world and begin anew.

The goal of the Ragnarok Cycle is to allow new players to experience the game without falling behind, while allowing veteran players the opportunity to find new ways to enjoy the game. We build community by forming settlements, guilds, quests, and events. Whether you like to build, explore, fight, or relax, there is a place for you. We currently have 3-8 on at almost all times, and a very friendly community.

1. ⁠Stone age: Before Eikthyr is killed. 1 week.
2. ⁠Bronze age: After Eikthyr is killed. 1 week.
3. ⁠Iron Age: After The Elder is killed. 2 weeks
4. ⁠Silver Age: After bone mass is killed. 2 weeks.
5. ⁠Renaissance: After Moder is killed. 4 weeks.
6. ⁠Final Age: After Yagluth is killed. 2 weeks. Yagluth things have corrupted you. Settlements fight each other for yagluth things on weekends. Buildings and belongings can not be touched during pvp, but city walls can be destroyed. PvP optional.
7. ⁠Ragnarok: the world is ended and the cycle repeats. Ragnarok may be delayed if the majority of the server wills it.

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