UGC PvE Valheim Server

UGC PvE Valheim Server

UGC is a general gaming discord server that hosts a variety of game servers, including Valheim. UGC has experience hosting servers, including Minecraft, Terraria, Last Oasis, 7 Days to die, and more. Put your trust in UGC and join the discord to join our Valheim server. Our PvE server is designed to make your playing experience the best. With the server running on a dedicated server, with 128Gb of ram, and UGC staff to help at all hours, feel safe choosing UGC for your server needs.

1. No outside characters.
2. No player griefing, this includes killing and breaking builds.
3. Respect player boundaries.
4. No theft of player goods or vehicles.
5. No using dupes or other Valheim bugs to your advantage, if you’re unsure, ask an admin.
6. Report server bugs, if you’re found using the bug to your advantage your player will be wiped.
7. No use of outside exploitation such as hacks and console cheats.
8. No killing of the final boss for any reason.



Nice guys. Added mods, no longer vanilla as of October.

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