Lodbrok Inn

Lodbrok Inn

The Lodbrok Inn is now open publicly! We are a heavily modded PvE Valheim experience. Our resources, crypts, dungeons, and plants automatically regenerate. All biomes have been completed and come with their own unique mobs, bosses, recipes, weapons, and armor. We also have a magic and skill based class system with their own unique classes based armor and weapons. There is also a support team to assist you if you run into any problems during your experience. Once you get in game, you may redeem a 1 time server reward package with F9 which will give you materials for a ward to protect your items along with starter materials.

Anyone who wants to give the Lodbrok inn is welcome. Once you’re in the discord, just apply and download our mod pack.

We release the next biomes boss every 2 weeks so everyone in the server keeps pace and has time to fully explore the world before moving on. Right now we just released Elder last week.

Will you be the first to defeat the mighty Kraken? The first to obtain one our 20 unique legendary gear sets? Be the first to defeat the Ashland’s and survive its fires? How about the first to tame an army of bears? Join and find out.

The mods we have installed are for both fun and utility. We have mods which make farming easier, new crops, new tamables, new mini bosses, epic loot, gear sets, trader economy, skills, and way more. Some of those mods are:

– Epic Valheim 3.1
– Magic Overhaul
– Mass Farming
– Weed. (Yes you can farm and smoke weed)
– Unique monsters in every biome.
– Many mini-bosses in each biome
– Tamable bears
– Many sets of unique armor, weapons, food, and farming stuff for each biome.
– Potions galore. You name it, we probably have a potion for it.
– Many building mods. You can build green houses, crafting stations, upgrades for those stations, new stone items, furniture, cabinets, stained glass windows, and a lot more.
– many more mods.

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