PlainsWalkers Kattegat Server

PlainsWalkers Kattegat Server

(Modded Server) Perks:

– Custom built by the greatest minds of MythicBuilds, SorchaAzura, Fia’s Workshop, ArtyFacts, along with the PwC team. (Make sure to watch the trailer at the bottom)
– Easy to navigate Event Hub, for players to store equipment and congregate before weekly events.
– Higher difficulty with CreatureLevel&LootControl & Jewelcrafting bosses.
– Stone highway that connects our main continent. We also use SpeedyPaths.
– 4 Guilds, Merchant’s Guild, Circle Of Knowledge (Rune Magic, Jewelcrafting) Builders Syndicate & Fenris Guard.
– We have Questlines that are great to run as a Group to accompany the “Groups” mod.
– Super Late Game Armor Sets that tier unlock with Hob Goblin Whetstones. Whetstones are only retrievable through late-game quests.
– Unique events that push the boundaries of what can be done in Valheim.
– Custom made PlainsWalkers Assets, like RaceKarves and PlainsWalkers Sword/Shield.
– New Player Care Packages with your choice of starting weapon, six public free player housing areas, guided tours & more!
– Merchant Exchange has ways to trade in old unused items for harder to find resources/items.
– Merchant Machine Vending Machine now open! <- NEW
– Regular PvP Tournaments!
– The Circle has Quests for Jewelcrafting, potion making etc.
– Content Creator Friendly. We have many players on the team that stream and create content on multiple platforms.
– Content in Ashlands and Deep North for super-late game, new mats, foods, weapons, bosses.<- NEW

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