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Welcome to Twisted Gaming, your premier Valheim community!

We’re excited to announce that Viking Haul has merged with Twisted Gaming, creating a brand new gaming community. As Viking Haul enters Season 5, we’re embracing a throwback season, favoring vanilla gameplay. To prepare for the upcoming ashlands content update, we’re launching two brand new servers on the 22nd of this month.

**Cross-Play Server:**
– This server caters to the console community with zero mods.

**PC Vanilla:**
– Exclusively for our PC players, this server features a small modpack focused on safety and maintaining a legitimate environment. Easy modpack setup guide provided.

Why Choose Twisted Gaming?
– **Adult Community:** We prioritize maturity and respect, ensuring a welcoming environment for all adult players.
– **Safe and Secure:** Your safety is paramount. We’re dedicated to providing a secure space where everyone feels at home.
– **Active Admin Team:** Our admin team is highly responsive and committed to ensuring a smooth experience for all players.
– **Diverse Communities:** Whether you prefer a leisurely pace of progression or thrive in active engagement, Twisted Gaming offers a place for everyone.
– **Professional Hosting:** Our servers are professionally hosted, guaranteeing seamless connections for all players.
– **Global Reach:** Vikings from around the world are welcome here. Our community spans every time zone, creating a vibrant and diverse environment.
– **Comprehensive Guides:** From beginners to seasoned Vikings, our detailed guides cover every aspect of the game, ensuring you have the knowledge to succeed.

Join Twisted Gaming today and embark on an unparalleled Valheim adventure. With camaraderie and epic adventures awaiting, your Viking saga starts here.

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